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Investors. Operators. Entrepreneurs.

Sope Creek Freight Ventures invests in industry changing technologies and services in the transportation and logistics space. Not only do we invest in freight tech, we use freight tech. As operators we know that keeping up with the everchanging technological landscape throughout the supply chain ecosystem is critical in maintaining or gaining a competitive edge. Our partners can give your business the technology it needs to continue to grow and out compete the market.

Our Founder | Kevin Nolan

After more than 20 years of successfully operating and scaling transportation and logistics focused businesses, Kevin Nolan began investing in ambitious entrepreneurs that challenged the technological landscape in the logistics industry. Sope Creek Freight Ventures (SCFV) invests in these trailblazers and connects them with operators and businesses in the logistics industry that could benefit from their value proposition.

SCFV represents the freight focused venture capital efforts of Kevin's family office, Sope Creek Capital. 

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Highway is a single-sign on carrier onboarding platform which integrates with freight brokers to create seamless carrier onboarding process for both the broker and carrier

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Carrier Assure

Carrier Assure is an objective, real-time performance scoring software that utilizes data science to provide brokers and shippers with an indication of carrier performance capabilities

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Learn to Win

Learn to Win is a learning software which uses active learning science and gamification to improve user experience and learning retention for logistics operations staff and salesforces



New York Shipping Exchange (NYSHEX) is a digital contracting platform designed to ensure ocean freight moves as planned through two-way contracts focusing on contract fulfillment and invoice accuracy


OTR Solutions

OTR Solutions provides transportation and brokerage factoring services, back-office solutions and technology services across the Transportation & Logistics industry.



Upwell is helping logistics companies get paid on time by applying customer invoicing rules, making sure the invoice is accurate & complete, and automating the collections process.   



Vooma is a back-office automation platform for freight brokers and carriers that fully automates order taking from shippers.



Goodship is a multiplayer platform for shippers and carriers to digitally procure, measure and optimize contract freight. Integrates with TMS, real-time location services, and market rates to drive efficient and insightful RFPs

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