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Introducing Last Mile Training | Focus on the Training that Matters

Learn to Win is a microlearning software platform for results-driven trainers, transforming your existing materials into focused training that actually drives your business. Learn to Win is the fastest way to impart critical in-house knowledge to the teams that drive your business.

Key Training Challenge

Effective training is the difference between a successful hire and wasted time and money.

Agile Training Cycle

(1) Target focus areas (2) Reinforce learning and action using data analytics (3) improve business performance

Experience the Learn to Win Benefits! 

Easy Authoring | Effective Learning | Actionable Analytics

1) Accelerate onboarding

        Reduce time to productivity by 30-40%

2) Stop mistakes before they happen

        Ascertain which topics team members don't understand

3) Know exactly where to focus live trainings

        With Learn to Win's knowledge gap analytics they save customers 500+ hours               per year in training time

4) Roll out fresh training in hours, not months

        Learn to Win makes it fast and easy to create and share fresh training insights

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Natalie Cook.jpg

"Building lessons on our old platform was such a nightmare. With Learn to Win, we
built our first lesson in 10 minutes. It was
just so simple. Learn to Win has been the
easiest and best platform in my experience."


Nolan Transportation Group

Train any time with mobile and online platform access


Easy Access


repetition improves recall 150% over 6 months


Better Retention

78% of employees are more confident post-LTW



More Confidence

Microlearning reduces training development costs by 30%


Less Expensive

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